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Have you pooped today?

  • A daily bowel movement is important for long term health. Do you really know what diarrhea and constipation are?


Prevention (Risk Reduction) of Stroke

  • A stroke can happen to anyone at anytime. Learn how to prevent a stroke and how to recognize the signs of a stroke.


Castor Oil Packs

  • Castor oil packs are an inexpensive and effective home treatment for a variety of physical injuries and complaints.



  • Are you at risk of developing osteoporosis? Are you familiar with the difference between the allopathic and naturopathic treatments for osteoporosis?


Eat Yourself Healthy

  • Stop dieting! Intermittent fasting and a healthy eating lifestyle are the way to improve your health, so go ahead EAT yourself into wellness.


"Magic Socks" aka Warming Socks

  • Warming socks are an easy and effective way to decrease flu, strep throat, sinusitis, upper respiratory, and dare I say even COVID symptoms! You may even find relief for headaches and migraines.


How to Treat a Fever

  • Know what a fever is and when to treat it. If the child is under 3 months old, don't stop to read this, take the child to the nearest Emergency Department.


Self Care + Anxiety

  • Self-care tips, anxiety management strategies, supplements, and nutrition for anxiety management.


Betaine HCl Provocation Test

  • Instructions for determining the amount of BH needed to combat hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid).


Surgery Protocol

  • Pre and post-surgery supplement recommendations to help the body prepare for surgery and heal after surgery.


Gut Health Basics

  • Basic supplements and dietary advice for gut health.



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